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Purpose of a Scout Fellowship

The purpose of a Scout Fellowship is to provide opportunities for adult members to enjoy and experience mutual fellowship, maintain contact with the Scout Movement and continue the ideals of service to Scouting and the community.The Camp Cooroora Scout Fellowship (CCSF) is affiliated with Suncoast Region, Queensland Branch Inc of Scout Australia. Its main purpose, other than that described above, is to manage all affairs of Camp Cooroora Scout Campsite at Lake Macdonald on the Sunshine Coast near Cooroy.

To this end, the CCSF has formed a Camp Cooroora Management Committee Executive comprising of a Chairperson, Secretary and Treasurer. These positions will be elected annually from members of the CCSF. This committee will also administer the day to day business of the CCSF.


fellowship menber in the kitchenThe wearing of uniform is optional, but it is encouraged only to do so at formal meetings, such as AGM and other formal affairs where it is expected. Members who are entitled to wear uniform will do so to conform to P & R and related QBSI. Members will wear badges applicable to their affiliated organisational level. Good Service Awards may be worn. A Camp Cooroora Scout Fellowship T-shirt is expected to be worn at all other times.The CCSF meet regularly at Camp Cooroora or where mutually agreed from time to time. An Annual General Meeting will be held at the campsite between 1st April and  31st May each year.


Membership is open to any serving Leader or retired Leader over the age of 18 years. Non members and ex members of the Scout Movement are eligible to join, but must be able to take the Scout Promise and believe in the ideals and purpose of the Scout Movement and be aged of 18 years or older.